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Alfabeto Maldito / Mauvais Alphabet


Is a collaboration with artist Joélson Buggilla. It started during a residency at Utopiana, 2019, when we worked with the "mauvaises herbes" (weeds) that grow around the urban area of Geneva, Switzerland. The project soon travelled to Paraty, Brazil, where we worked with the spontaneous plants that grow in that area. Departing from the weeds images, we created an "alphabet" in each of these places, with which we have been experimenting different modes of writing. A version of the alphabet was printed on fabric, using cyanotype, for the exhibition at Le Commun, Geneva, Switzerland, also in 2019.

The Mauvais Alphabet was presented in: 

1000 Ecologies, Le Commun -  Genéve, Switzerland
Flip, SESC Paraty - Brasil

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︎︎︎ Texto de Maykson Cardoso (PT & EN)


︎︎︎ Visual Essay - Poesis Magazine, 2018 (PT & EN)
︎︎︎ Mauvaise Alphabet - Le Courrier, septembre 2019 (FR) 
︎︎︎ Mauvaise Alphabet - La Couleur des Jours 32, automne 2019 (FR)

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