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LightNight Liverpool

Dandelion Flowers Ice Cream
Liverpool, United Kingdom

For LightNight 2019, Brazilian artist Jorgge Menna Barreto invites you to become part of a delicious experiment about our relationship with food and the environment. Using wild edibles growing in and around Liverpool, Jorge has developed a special plant-based ice cream around ideas of eating locally and ethically.

Human civilisation has replaced foraging for a global supermarket culture, losing its sense of place and belonging. This project presents an alternative, an invitation to ‘devour our immediate surroundings’. By creating an ice cream using plants and herbs that grow around us, the artist asks us to suspend the act of consuming and use our bodies to foster deeper connections to the ecosystems we belong to.

This event was part of the tenth annual LightNight, Liverpool's free one-night arts festival.

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