Mauvais Alphabet

Liverpool John Moores University

In a time when socializing with other humans has become limited, this art project proposes an interaction with beings from other species; more specifically, weeds. These mostly invisible and many times unwanted plants are all around us, insisting on being present and complexifying our ecosystems to interact with insects, bees, fungi, bacteria and nurture the soil, making sure that no sense of homogeneity goes by unattacked. Cities are awfully centered around us, built by and for humans, or some humans. A few domesticated species are allowed, as long as they are obedient and serve the purposes we attribute to them. But weeds are disobedient and experts in finding cracks in our flat surfaces, constantly ruining our dreams of complete control. They will grow on home gardens, sidewalks, even roads. They remind us that human will is not decisive and that nature sieves through. Is that a form of hope? No matter how strongly we invest in a monocultural way of living, weeds will show up as noise for some, but as melody for others.

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