Serpentine Galleries: Restauro Dinner

Menna Barreto imagines wild edibles as a site-specific food that speaks to and teaches our bodies and cells how to reconnect to wilderness and the landscape through our digestive systems.

“This dinner is both a drawing and a sculpture.

In school we were taught our digestive systems begin in the mouth and end in the anus.

What if we were to redraw it so as to include the land? What if instead of beginning in the mouth we included the soil in that drawing? Or the land we share? Or better, the planet we live in?

If we were to include the whole planet when representing our digestive systems, we could then learn our food choices are way more complex than liking or not liking a certain dish and so consider the wide web of interdependent ecosystems involved.

What if we were to expand not only the way we represent our digestive system, but also our sense of taste?”

Click for artist’s speech at the dinner (EN)
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